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Are you looking out for options where you will have your hair growth just as the way you had in your teenage? Do you want to look young with the beautiful hair? Have you lost your beauty because you have been losing lots of hair and you no more look beautiful and young without it? The keranique is a perfect solution for you that work out on the scalp in order to regain the lost hair and make your hair look voluminous with some simple process that is applied on it. This is actually a scientifically tested and proven one for the conditioning of your scalp and your hair and makes it look lengthy too. The innovative product works really well with the various conditioning and volumizing programs that make it work all together.

What is Keranique?

Keranique is a hair product that helps in rebuilding your lost hair growth and helps in making it look thick and shiny. They have a set of procedures that they work through with it all together that helps on the scalp and also on the hair. This is an advanced formula. The package comes up with the shampoo and the therapies that work in three different processes and it is done by cleansing and then conditioning followed by treating. No matter how damaged and dull your hair looks now, this therapy will work together on your hair and you will have a beautiful shiny hair. The kit comes up with the shampoo, conditioning cream etc. the conditioning cream helps in increasing the volume of the hair.

How does it work Keranique?

The ingredients that are used in this kit are all the FDA tested and proved ingredients. So the chances of it having the side effects and the risks would be ruled out easily by the customers and the buyers. This product is FDA approved. The ingredients n the product directly works on the hair roots for stimulating its growth and makes it stronger. When the growth is stimulated by the ingredients, the hair volume is automatically increased and the hair roots are made stronger and thus reducing the hair fall. The three steps kit that is available in this product’s range has the cleansing process in which the scalp with the hair is cleansed and thereby making ways for the new hair growth. Then comes the conditioning in which the present hair is conditioned and made to look strong and shiny. Then the treating process is taken over in which the damaged hair and the scalp is treated and then they are made to grow in a stronger way.



There are no proper listing of the ingredients however we can easily get to know some of the main ingredients that are present in keranique and the hair treatment product and the kit.

The following are the ingredients that are present in the shampoo of the hair treatment pack.

  • Sodium c14-16, water, disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, cocamide MEA, dipropylene glycol, cocamidopropyl betaine, eratin, hydrolyzed keratin, PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate, hydrolyzed soy protein, panthenol, sil amino acids, hydrolyzed wheat protein, tetra sodium EDTA, pomegranate extract, fragrance, pine bark extract, grape seed extract, ginseng root extract, green tea leaf extract, chamomilla recutita, algae extract, flower extract, coneflower extract, citric acid, henoxyethanol.

The following are the ingredients that are available in the hair re-growth treatment of the keranique product.

  • Alcohol, propylene glycol, monoxide, purified water.
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The following ingredients are used to make the volumizing conditioner of the keranique hair treatment pack. The ingredients are all same and they do have the similar quantity and the ingredient as that of the above mentioned ones.

The visible benefits:

One can see that the hair fall has reduced drastically and the hair has regained its growth. They will be even stronger and comparatively more shinier. You will see the difference in just a couple of weeks. The volume will be increased and you can see that the growth is also very fast and healthy too. The clap will be treated and therefore you won’t see your hair as damaged and dull. They will be back to life and will look healthier.

Customer review:

Lita was a mother of two children and she was an elegant looking woman. She always had a graceful beauty in her looks and her beautiful long hair added to her attractive appealing look. She had a lengthy hair and they were very thick and strong. But after her children she lost it post delivery and she thought it is just a post partum symptom and she will get it again after a few days. But unfortunately they were reducing with each day and were looking weak and dull. She got very upset and was stressed due to this. She tried so many therapies and shampoos but nothing worked her way. While she was rowing in the internet for the best remedy she came across this product and immediately ordered it. She could not wait for its delivery to try it. She started using it as soon as she received it and within a couple of weeks she could see that she has got back the same old hair with the same length as that of the ones she had before her pregnancy. She was very glad for it.

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Some good tips:

Wash your hair properly after its usage and make sure that you follow the guidelines.


This should not be used on children under the age of 18. keranique is exclusively for women who are above 18 years.

Any risk?

There are no risk that has been heard from the customers as of now.

Where to buy?

You can order it in the official website or in any of the online stores.

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