Privacy and Policy

The privacy policy of healthy mini mag depends upon how we collect the information and who we post it on the website and make it presentable on website to make our customer feel easy to understand. We collect the information from various user of our product. our company website is This privacy policy relates to our website and all the term and condition. And it relates to the product that we offer to our customer by healthy mini mag company.


What information do we collect?


  • Personal identification information: we collect your personal information when you log in in our website and place your order of product. We collect your data that is your name,email id,address,contact number and your credit card information. In that proccess we come to know about you.
  • Non-personal identification: along with personal information we collect some type of non-personal information such that which type of computer you uses or you use laptop,which type of browser you use in your computer and many more information.


Web browser cookies :


like various other website, we also make use of cookies to improve the experience and also want to collect information about our user and we also want to know about the visiting way of the customer on our website. And make use of cookies as much as we can make the use of your    cookies


How do we use your information?


The information which we takes from you while placing an order or you register  on our website we make use of the information for betterment our customer. We saw any type of  wrong material which is against our customer satisfaction we  surely change that information or  delete that information from our website. From your personal and non-personal information we remain in contact with our customer we keep on asking about the benefit of the product or does it cause any side effect in you or it result meet with your satisfaction level. And primary motive is to satisfy our customer need and the secondary purpose of collecting the information is as follows;-

  • to improve our website in usage and look more attractive then which make feel good because we can able to give easy access to our customer.
  • It help us to improve our service and communication with our customer .
  • it helps in making transition of product at your home quickly as fast as it can be.
  • it helps in improving the of survey or it reduce of cost of our survey.
  • it helps in advertising the product and make our website more reliable and transparent.


How do protect our customer information?


We always try different type of security method to protect all type of information of our customer weather it is personal information or non-personal information. We always try secure your information with everyone. Your information which is collected by you at the time of registration can be read by few teammates only. After we collect your then it goes through security access then it will be stored in our database. In fact all types of relating to the credit card or debit card information is go through security socket layer(ssl) technology then it will stored in our system memory or in our database.


Sharing your personal information:


we never share any type of your until or unless it not by law. We promise our customer we will never share any type of your personal or non-personal information with anyone . We promise you that your information is completely secured with us  and can never  share your information. your information used only to transit your. The information which takes from you is that your email id is only be to sort out your query.


Opt out:


if you opt to unsubscribe from our website your send the message or request  that further information is not required about the product. We work on request and stop making further contact about the product with you.


Links: this website do not redirect you to other link we work for our website only. We are not responsible for any other content that is posted on other website. If redirect with other link. We request you that you go through the terms and use and privacy policy of this website for your security only.


How we inform about the changes of privacy policy of our website?


Whenever there is any type of change in our privacy policy of  website then their will be highlight on top of  corner of website. You can through the changes of the privacy policy easily.  For your betterment only


Contacting with us:


For any further queries about you can make contact with and ask your question freely.